Design award to Simrad

The Norwegian Design Council has presented Simrad with a prestigious Design Award for the new interface of its fishery research multibeam echosounder, the ME70. The interface has already been put to use in Simrad’s latest products for fishery research applications and is set to become the standard platform across all of Simrad’s future echosounder and sonar products.

The award for good design

Simrad's Kjell Gjestad led a team of in-house engineers and designers from Norwegian design firm Formel Industrial Design. The company committed an extensive development phase to the project, to ensure that the new interface was as user friendly as possible.

"It is very important to us that it is easily accessible", says Kjell Gjestad, Simrad. "We wanted a professional, suitable and functional user interface to emphasize the quality that is the backbone of all our products, but more importantly to make sure that users can gain optimum performance from the equipment when it is in everyday use. We have achieved this aim and receiving this award is a reflection of the hard work of everyone involved."