Multibeam echo sounder to Portugal

R/V Almirante GagoCoutinho

Estrutura de Missão para a Extensão da Plataforma Continental (EMEPC)/Ministry of National Defence and KONGSBERG has recently signed a contract for the supply of the following equipment, EM 120 2x2, EM 710 1x2, Seapath 200 RTH, EK60 38/120, Sync. unit and SVP Plus. The contract also included installation, sea trials and training. The equipment will be installed onboard R/V Almirante GagoCoutinho (ex. T-AGOS 5), of the Portuguese Navy during 2006.


EMEPC is responsible for the mapping and handling of the extension of the Portuguese Continental Shelf, and they work in close collaboration with Instituto Hidrografi co of Portugal (IHPT). IHPT has been a user of Kongsberg Maritime multibeam echo sounder systems since 1995, and has 4 EM systems in operation. The first EM 120 in Portugal was installed in 2001/2002 onboard R/V Don Carlos (ex. T-AGOS 11).