LTSSP – our unmatched support concept reaches new heights


LTSSP – our unmatched support concept reach new heights

Cost effective customer support

Our Long Term System Support Program (LTSSP) has always represented a cost efficient solution to our customer’s requirement for support, offering a tailor made suite of services at a fixed price. LTSSP is our commitment to providing world class flexible sustained system support to our simulation partners.

Four levels

The four LTSSP levels available offer great operational benefits at a fixed cost, enabling peace of mind that your services can be provided 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The four levels of LTSSP are:

  • Entry level
  • Basic level
  • Full care level
  • Extended care level

Customer testimonial

“With the extensive range of simulator systems and training and research programs with STAR Center, our LTSSP with KM Simulation provides system updates and support to maintain high levels of simulator availability and keep pace with advances in simulator technologies and applications”. -- Brian Long, Director, STAR Center, Dania, USA.