KONGSBERG wins orders for 95 S-VDRs

Strong competition

Float free storage unit.

In competition with ten international contenders, KONGSBERG has signed fleet agreements for the supply of simplified voyage data recorders, S-VDR to the entire fleets of two large shipping companies. China Shipping has ordered S-VDR for 20 vessels with an option for an additional 40, to be formally agreed later. Tehran based IRISL has ordered S-VDR for their fleet of 34 vessels. In addition the order includes an S-VDR system for the IRISL training centre in Tehran.

Cost saving installations

Both China Shipping and IRISL have their own installation engineers. The fleet agreements include training of engineers from both shipping companies. This enables them to carry out S-VDR installations and commissioning without assistance by KONGSBERG engineer.

Fixed or float free storage units

KONGSBERG offers fixed or float free storage units with their S-VDR deliveries. All the deliveries to China Shipping and IRISL are with float free S-VDR storage units. The storage units are made by Jotron Electronics, a company well known to ship owners for their rugged and reliable EPIRB.

S-VDR and EPIRB in one

The KONGSBERG float free storage unit for S-VDR also contains a GPS receiver and a type approved EPIRB. Ship owners taking advantage of the dual functionality inherent in the float free storage unit, may decommission the existing EPIRB, as it in reality becomes obsolete. It is well known that annual survey and battery replacement every 5 years are part of the routine maintenance for any EPIRB. The same maintenance applies for the float free S-VDR storage unit. Hence, with S-VDR and EPIRB in one combined capsule, routine maintenance is the same as for a single EPIRB.