Bridge simulator software upgrade

Polaris release 5.0 now available

Ice simulation

We have just released version 5.0 of our Polaris bridge simulator software. This release also includes a major upgrade to our SeaView visualization system. The release follows intensive testing at several customer sites over the past few months.

Ice simulation

Part of the new release includes an advanced ice module to allow training in ice navigation and manoeuvring. The ice affects the ship model and is visible on radar and in the visual scene. Ice conditions can be edited on line to simulate different thickness, conditions and appearance. The ice module is available as a stand-alone upgrade, but users having a full coverage support agreement (LT-SSP) will have this feature added during the annual visit.

SeaView visual system

The new release of SeaView provides even more realistic seascapes. Among the new features are:

  • New bow wave
  • Azimuth / propeller wake
  • Target wake
  • Sun
  • Spectacular reflecition of sun and stars

Other new features

Among the new features of this release are:

Magnetic compass panel for Polaris desktop simulator
  • New instrument panels for Polaris Desktop simulators including a magnetic compass, fire alarms/zones, fire doors and day shape panel
  • A new connection between our bridge and engine simulators to allow simultaneous training of bridge and engine room personnel. The training model is for a high speed ferry fitted with water jets
  • A new advanced and modular conning display with more graphic features
  • An improved radar signal generator
  • Improved tugging and force calculation between own ships
  • Various improvements to our AIS and communication systems

System development

Extensive interaction with our large customer base and our full commitment to IMO and the STCW convention are core elements in our development strategy. Product development manager, Capt. Aksel D. Nordholm, calls the release “a confirmation of our ability to stay in the fore front of new requirements in the Simulator Market”.