Acergy buys KONGSBERG HAIN systems

Acergy Northern Europe and Canada Survey Business Unit has purchased two KONGSBERG HAIN subsea positioning reference systems. The systems are due for delivery in late March for initial use on a key project for a major oil company in Norway.

Reduce cost and operational risk

The HAIN (Hydro-acoustic Aided Inertial Navigation) system, a combination of KONGSBERG 's HiPAP precise acoustic positioning and INS (Inertial Navigation System) technologies, is a proven valuable tool in the fight to reduce cost and operation risk in deepwater field developments and construction projects.

Accuracy can be improved by up to 300%

In the combined operation of HAIN Subsea & HiPAP systems, the overall deepwater positioning accuracy can be improved by up to 300% in USBL mode. Subsequently, more subsea work can be completed using this positioning mode, without the time consuming need to deploy (and retrieve) large numbers of LBL transponders and frames. This means less subsea assets to be capitalised, maintained and managed, while further reducing the unit failure risk.

Lower risk of vehicle failure

“ROV pilots have found the HAIN USBL position plots much more reliable, so aiding navigation and speeding up the vehicle's work rate. Less time in the water means a lower risk of vehicle failure, thus allowing more time on deck for operational maintenance, minimising the chance of future costly downtime,” comments Iain Fullerton, Kongsberg Maritime.

Committed to using the latest technology

“Acergy is committed to using the latest technology combined with our existing assets to ensure efficient survey operations. Using HAIN, we are confident that the survey work we carry out at major oil fields will be more time and cost effective, due to the greater positioning accuracy of the HAIN system,” says John Meaden, Survey Manager, Northern Europe and Canada.

Significant operational advantages

HAIN is now established as the leading ROV positioning system. Over the last 18 months, more subsea operators have been able to realise significant operational advantages using the HiPAP / HAIN combination. These operators have been able to maximise the use of their existing assets while being able to reduce operational vessel time and subsea hardware while improving ROV positioning repeatability & accuracy.