New proximity sensor for bearing wear detection

Mimic diagram for our new bearing wear detection system

We are about to release a new proximity sensor able to detect bearing wear on large 2-stroke diesel engines.


The principle is that when the bearing wear is abnormal or if some bearing metal cracks and disappear, the crosshead will move downwards. The movement will be detected by the proximity sensor. When the crosshead is in BDC - bottom dead center, the proximity sensor will measure the distance to a signal developer that is mounted on the crosshead pin. The main-, crank- and crosshead bearings can all be monitored if a proximity sensing system is installed. However, to obtain the best possible bearing monitoring solution we will offer the proximity sensor in combination with our well proven range of main and crank bearing temperature sensors.

Stand alone and integrated

The bearing wear detection system will be delivered both as a stand alone solution and as an integrated part of the DataChief C20 alarm, monitoring and control system. We will also design an easy to install refit solution for vessels where the DataChief C20 is already installed.

Key features

  • Measurements are done when the crossheadi is in BDC
  • The gap between sensor and signal developer is 25 -30 mm
  • One sensor is installed on either side of the crosshead
  • All signal processing is done internally in the sensor
  • The sensor has CAN open output