Kongsberg System Technology: Individual systems – one solution

The new K-Pos dynamic positioning system

We are proud to announce a new era in shipboard systems with the launch of Kongsberg System Technology. By integrating high user competence with technological excellence this new ship-wide technology platform makes a difference to vessel operation. A wide range of standard and operational specific functions are available, all designed to optimise operational and commercial performance.

Kongsberg System Technology is the key to an entire range of integrated sub-systems based on tried and tested solutions for:

 Within each application, we will offer numerous solutions and equipment types, catering for the same diverse markets and ship specifications that the company is known for. Customers will know the new systems by the prefix of ‘K’ as in K-Bridge and K-Chief.

Reduced cost of ownership

Kongsberg System Technology provides benefits across the board. With better technology, enhanced functionality and improved life-cycle support, Kongsberg System Technology furthers safe, efficient operations, reduces the overall costs of ownership, and is scalable to suit individual operational and customer needs.

Multi functional work stations

The distributed and open system design of this sophisticated technology platform utilises a system wide standardised communication network. The redundant network facilitates easy integration of other vessel systems and free flow of information from all sub-systems, with vessel wide information available on multi functional work stations. Additionally, real-time processing has been taken a step further by providing standard distributed process units (DPU) with embedded software, resulting in increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Integrated Vessel Management

The Integrated Vessel Management concept provided supports seamless integration of all vessel control systems. Bridge systems, that is navigation, manoeuvring, propulsion and thruster controls, are linked to machinery and cargo automation and safety systems by means of a system-wide communication highway that enables free flow of information within the Integrated Vessel Management system.

Redundant communication

All operator stations, controllers and interface units are linked together via the redundant communication network and a common user interface reduces the risk of human error and the cost of crew training. Though Kongsberg System Technology provides for more integration than ever before, each sub-system is autonomous system and not affected by a failure in another sub-system, increasing safety and reducing the risk of downtime.

Embedded decision support

In addition to the standard operational modes and functions, various operational specific functions are available to optimize operation for a wide range of applications and vessels. The mode control for machinery and propulsion plants is a good example; operational data for the machinery, propulsion and cargo equipment is programmed into the mode control. Standard and special operational modes are predefined, standard mode such as manoeuvring, transit and harbour modes and special mode such as station keeping, loading/offloading and drilling. When a mode is selected, the mode supervision module will alert the operator in case of any abnormality with respect to the condition of the involved machinery (alarm or status) including standby equipment. Similar embedded decision support (operational guidance) functionalities are also available for ship handling, manoeuvre and DP operations.

The Full Picture

High performance, flexibility and ease of use, together with common data management, communication and configuration guarantee that present and future requirements for vessel control are met. Kongsberg System Technology is the key to safer, more efficient operations and is the culmination of our challenge to give you The Full Picture.