KONGSBERG awarded $2.1M underwater surveillance contract

Underwater surveillance system

Kongsberg Underwater Technology, Inc., has been awarded a $2.1 million contract for the upgrade and maintenance of the U.S. Navy's existing Kongsberg SM 2000 underwater surveillance systems.

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

The contract is with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego and provides for the ongoing maintenance and upgrade of existing systems over the next five years. It follows a $3 million order in May 2005 for the delivery of an additional 10 SM 2000 systems for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Integrated Anti-swimmer System (IAS).

Designed to track and process underwater threats

The SM 2000 underwater surveillance system is manufactured by Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. The system is designed to track and process underwater threats in order to provide alarms for operators to act on. The system uses Sonar to detect and differentiate between divers and other targets such as marine life and debris.

Meets U.S. authorities needs for port security

“The SM 2000 is a well proven, highly accurate system that utilizes advanced hydroacoustics to detect underwater targets,” says Duane Fotheringham, engineering project manager. “The system meets the current needs of the U.S. authorities for port security and this upgrade and support contract will ensure that it continues to provide the high level of performance and accuracy required.”