Hydrographic echo sounder upgrades

Early in 2005 we introduced an improved EA 400 portable and splash proof echo sounder. Recently we have also released new software for the EA 400/SP/600, providing new features and possibilities.

View of the upgraded EA 400

The EA 400SP is a dual frequency echo sounder operated with a rugged notebook PC (Tablet PC Edition). 38/200kHz frequency is the standard configuration - vertical or side looking transducer(s) and it is powered with 12VDC. It is easy to commission and therefore perfect for surveying in shallow water depth in small and open boats. The new EA 400 and EA 600 software, has been improved with several new features, such as side enhanced looking imaging, replay function and new data formats.

The EA has for a long time featured the possibility for side looking imaging, a feature already popular with users. The new side looking software has been improved by scrolling the image vertically and exporting of georef data on the network (position and across distance to an object). For correct across distance, a vertical transducer must be installed. Other enhancements includes:

  • New functionality in the replay dialog box (slider and storing of existing raw file)
  • XYZ values in ascii format (interpolated depth) stored to HD
  • Remote control of start and stop logging/ pinging and history file
  • Extended function to detect second hard bottom with the lowest frequency in the system. Needed frequencies e.g. 38/200kHz.