The full roadshow agenda

0830-0900 Registration & coffee
0900-0930 Welcome & introduction Local sales management & SVP sales
0930-1000 Maritime Broadband Radio (MBR)
  • Increased efficiency
  • Data sharing
  • Remote control
  • Robust and reliable communication
  • Flexible and easy setup
  • Increased security
Ove Hognes
1000-1030 Inertial Navigation Systems and Situational Awareness
  • Inertial Navigation Sensors
    • Sensor accuracy, what sensor to choose when
    • Test case Bamberg and Duisberg - real time INS performance, what can be achieved
  • Remote motion compensation
    • Real time compensation of remote objects - a glance into the future of safer offshore lifting operations
  • Situational Awareness
    • An introduction into sensor fusion for enabling safer navigation and autonomy
Aleksander Hammernes
1030-1100 Break & networking
1100-1200 Underwater positioning: Remote HiPAP, HAIN for Route Survey
  • HAIN Subsea 7000 - Setup, operation and ease of use with APOS. Sparse LBL range aiding and ROV Box-in for time saving in deeper water
  • APOS Meteorology Tool - Including demo of new module using data collected from trails in Norway
  • APOS Remote - Remote operations and assistance
  • cNode MANTIS - High Speed Acoustic Data Telemetry, inluding live demo of acoustic video data transmission
Niall Pirrie
1200-1300 Lunch & networking
1300-1400 Coasts, ports and inland waterways
  • Infrastructure Inspection for Civil Engineering using single beam scanning sonar and multibeam sonar, focusing on integrated operations with engineering diver inspection and assessment.
  • Introducing Kongsberg’s ScanFuse GIS Asset Inspection Management Software – including the industry’s first scanning sonar automated splicing capability and data fusion with aerial drone data for timber, concrete, steel and composite port infrastructure.
  • Real-time scour monitoring systems for critical infrastructure – bridges, navigation aids, and offshore wind structures
  • Real-time dredge monitoring using Kongsberg Dual Axis Sonar, and a sneak peek at real time turbidity monitoring for environmental dredging
  • Shallow Survey and Civil Engineering Inspection using the M3 Sonar Family from surface vessels and OROVs
Konrad Mech
1400-1500 Underwater mapping remote demonstration
  • EA Remote - EA Application and EA remote control with Blue Insight integration
  • SIS Remote - SIS Remote standalone application and SIS as a remote integration enhancer (How to use SIS in your remote operations control room)
  • EM Installation on USV - EM Hardware modifications to improve integration and operation on USV
  • Live demo from Horten
Therese Mathisen / Terje Haga Pedersen / Kjetil Jensen 
1430-1500 Break & networking  
1500-1600 Marine robotics: AUV data demonstration
  • Introducing HUGIN Edge AUV – Shallow Water, Low Logistics, High-Productivity, Autonomous Survey Operations
  • The HUGIN family - Hugin AUV, HUGIN Superior and HUGIN Endurance
  • Eelume ‘Snake Robot’ – Modular and Configurable, Hovering, Subsea-Resident AUV operations
  • Sounder USV - Ocean Science, Fisheries and Hydrographic Applications
  • AUV Launch & Recovery – Containerised Solutions, Subsea LARS for Increased Weather Window, Automated LARS for Unmanned Operations
  • AUV Mission Data Viewer & Data Samples - Real HUGIN Superior survey data viewed with Kongsberg ‘Reflection’ Software delivered with every HUGIN
Dave Mackay / Craig Wallace
1600-1700 Ocean Science (ADCP and Blue Insight)
  • ADCP and scientific echo sounders - Discussion of the system specs and presentation of their capabilities
  • Blue Insight - Presentation of the features and benefits of this comprehensive digital platform; example projects
Peer Fietzek
1700-1715 Closing remarks Local management & SVP sales