3 new trawlers in fishery with EasyDRIVE trawl winches from KONGSBERG

Kongsberg Maritime, Deck Machinery - Brattvaag deliver the unique EasyDRIVE trawl winch, inclusive the in-house manufactured PM (permanent magnetic) SmartPΩWER- motor.

The motor is especially designed and constructed for trawling in rough sea, challenging weather conditions and Arctic areas (-40 degrees).
The SmartPΩWER-motor is a unique high-torque / low r.p.m. motor, with everlasting magnetic field-effect and design criteria up to 20 years full torque and r.p.m. By removing the unfavourable gearbox, the EasyDRIVE trawl-winch give you profitable dynamic properties and high power- and regenerative efficiency. The SmartPΩWER- motor giving you minimum of maintenance cost and eliminate the risk for gearbox failure.


One SmartPΩWER PM motor - One Direct driveline - One Frequency converter.

High performance

The EasyDRIVE trawl winch has a pull up to 56 tons in towing mode (S1-100%), and 66 tons in overload mode (S9-5/25min.) With an direct drive solution you achive high dynamic properties and high shooting and hoisting speed. Standard drum capacity is 3450m with ø34mm wire, - using a normal sized drum, will give you a good service-space around the winch.

Compact and modern VSD system (Variable Speed Drive)

The frequency converter system from KONGSBERG are engineered and designed for best possible utilisation of the cabinets and drive room. The row length and hight are constructed to a minimum, additional to a high level of redundancy in the VSD-system. 

High performance

Existing and new customers

Double trawl onboard “Ilivileq”
(Brim - Iceland/Greenland),

Triple trawl to “Gadus” (JFK-Trol – Faroes Island)

Triple trawl onboard “Olympic Prawn”
(Olympic Havfiske AS - Norway)

Triple trawl onboard “Sunderøy”
(Prestfjord AS – Norway)

High customer satisfaction

The positive feedback from our many customers is overwhelming, and we look forward to fulfill the responsibility as a high-end deck machinery supplier for many years to come. Please do not hesitate to contact KONGSBERG for more information or an uncommitted offer.

Svein Hatlehol Henjesand
Senior Sales Manager
Stig Flem
Senior Sales Manager