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Global Supplier Portal

KONGSBERG’s suppliers are important to the value creation and competitiveness of our customers.

A focus on quality, delivery, sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the supply chain through our requirements for supplier conduct is important in order to reduce the level of risk for our customers, partners and owners.

KONGSBERG would like to be perceived through its actions as being a responsible, demanding and fair company though our focus on ethics, competition, equal treatment, transparency, proportionality and business practice.

To enhance our competitiveness and excel in performance we are seeking to do long term business with world-class suppliers, that fits with our thinking and strives for continuous and mutual success and development.

Privacy and data protection

Privacy policy applicable to and the activities of Kongsberg Gruppen ASA and subsidiaries

Privacy Statement for KONGSBERG


KONGSBERG has 3,680 suppliers all over the world over, of which 2,050 are in Norway. This means we help to safeguard jobs and build competence, not only where we have proprietary operations, but also to a large extent where we use suppliers. The suppliers are an important part of our value creation, at the same time as we are important and in many cases essential to their value creation. We want to work with suppliers that share our values and requirements regarding responsible business conduct.


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