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AIS network infrastructure - shorebased

A physical shore station is the site where the AIS data transmitted from ships is received. Either an AIS shore / base station or an AIS repeater is installed at these sites.

A complete configuration

KONGSBERG provides a complete AIS Infrastructure solution, including AIS Base Stations with accessories on the Physical Shore Stations and Control Centre software in order to remotely operate and maintain a network of AIS Base Stations. KONGSBERG has a proven record of supplying AIS infrastructure solutions, Space based AIS payloads, GPS reference networks and EGNOS monitoring systems and has the competence and experience needed to undertake AIS projects of all types. KONGSBERG is an active member of IEC, ITU and IALA, and the design of the solution is based upon IALA A-124 and other relevant international standards and recommendations.

Tailormade solutions




All AIS components comply with IALA standards and other relevant standards and recommendations.

Methods of communication

To communicate between AIS physical shore stations, AIS service management functions and User access points or Logical Shore Stations we can use different methods of communication dependent on customer requirements. The most utilised method is IP based communication networks (WAN/LAN) based on proprietary networks, leased lines, dial-up lines or even the Internet.


A series of standardised modules are developed making our AIS infrastructure a natural choice for a single AIS base station system as well as for national networks consisting of hundreds of AIS Base Station sites.


The communication solution combines minimum data delay, maximum reliability and optimised communication bandwidth efficiency. This prevents unexpected bottle-necks when upgrading from small, local test installations to large national networks.


The flexibility of the system components gives the users the ability to build a system with any level of availability by redundant equipment and alternative data communication paths. Critical components are designed to run in parallel to optimise service availability.

Simple customization

All our AIS infrastructure components are designed in accordance with these design principles providing simple customization.