ASR c50

AIS space receiver

The CUBELINE AIS space receiver series is an innovative software-defined radio optimized for reception of AIS and ASM signals in LEO orbit. The AIS receiver is specially designed for the CubeSat segment. ASR c50 is ideal for small- and nanosat missions, where KONGSBERG’s successful heritage on high quality and leading performance is maintained.

Space grade using latest technologies

The ASR c50 is designed for use in LEO. Product assurance methods used for our extended lifetime product series are refined to reduce mission risks. The latest technologies are embedded, providing a high level of on-board processing power for using KONGSBERG’s renowned AIS and ASM decoding algorithms.

Flexible solutions

ASR c50 is designed to embed the function to do both on-board processing as well as digital sampling for post processing. In addition, the receiver has a built-in RF spectrum analyzer. This spectrum analyzer functionality is an excellent tool during the test phase of the satellite and commissioning. Noise components from the platform or other payloads might be detected at an early stage using the receiver's spectrum analyzer functionality.

Continuous innovations

The ASR c50 is unique by its excellent performance in a CubeSat housing. KONGSBERG has delivered AIS equipment for almost two decades and has more than 60 years of accumulated in-orbit LEO heritage. The CUBELINE AIS space receiver series now embeds all AIS bands available as well as reception of the new Application Specific Message (ASM) protocol. The receiver also supports a separate antenna port that can be adapted for applications in the frequency band 100 to 6000 MHz.

Key features

  • CubeSat fit with highest performance in the market
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports reception of long-range AIS and ASM messages
  • Rad-tolerant by design
  • Dual VHF antenna support
  • Supports simultaneous on-board and sampling modes
  • Embeds VHF RF spectrum analyzer
  • In-orbit reconfigurable SDR design with proven heritage
  • Superior dynamic range


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