Dual Axis Scanning Sonar

The Dual-Axis Scanning (DAS) Sonar is a profiling system designed for long-term seabed or structure monitoring. This scanning sonar is compatible with both the MS1000 software program and can operate in a 'standalone mode' where the data is logged in the head and transmitted to shore via cable or wireless telemetry.

Dynamic 3D Surveying and Design

The continuous 3D-surveying capability of the DAS provides crucial information on the dynamics of sediment scour and aggregation. Its rugged design makes it ideal for deployment on structures located in high-current or harsh offshore environments. The DAS outputs an X, Y, Z serial data string of profile points that can be processed by many digital terrain modeling software packages.

Flexible Deployment and Area Coverage

The sonar head is primarily designed for pole-mount deployment which can be attached to the structure of interest or to the side of a vessel. A single or multiple DAS heads can be integrated to cover and monitor a large area effectively.

Key features

  • Designed for long-term deployment in harsh conditions
  • Operates single or multiple DAS heads
  • Covers large areas
  • Outputs a 3D profile-point digital data string
  • Operates with the MS1000 software or in ‘standalone mode’ to monitor offshore wind-turbine scour detection, underwater bridge substructure and dock inspections, dam and water intake surveys

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