High resolution 1171 sonar heads

KONGSBERG is recognized as a leader in single-beam scanning sonars, developing systems with the highest quality and highest resolution on the market. Our feature-packed systems are continuously being developed to meet the stringent requirements of the ever-changing subsea industry.

The 1171 series

Kongsberg Mesotech’s high-resolution sonar is ideal for underwater engineering and surveying applications. It can also be used for search and recovery (SAR), diving support, scientific assessments, site inspections, underwater vehicle instrumentation, surveillance, harbour defence, and archaeological surveying.


  • Narrower horizontal beam pattern and smaller angular resolution (for superior image quality)
  • Tunable frequency transducers (model dependent)
  • Exposed transducer to eliminate acoustic lensing
  • Increased power output for better signal-to-noise ratios
  • Simultaneous multiple scanning sonar head and altimeter operation and sensor configurations
  • Time-tagged recording of all sonar and sensor inputs to the PC's hard drive or external recording device
  • Advanced target measurement and annotation tools
  • Track Plotter module allowing the user to pre-plot search and survey lines, and to geo-reference sonar targets
  • Ping synchronization for multiple-head operation fused data display for dual head profiling
  • Post-processing capability for profile data
  • Data mosaicing

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