M3 Sonar

Multibeam sonar

The innovative design of the M3 Sonar® uses two sets of complementary transducers which allow it to generate both imaging and bathymetric data with the same head. Unique to the M3 Sonar® is the patented eIQ (enhanced image quality) mode of operation that generates multibeam images with unprecedented clarity.

Advanced Imaging and Bathymetry

Multibeam sonar - M3 Sonar empowers users by generating imaging and bathymetric datasets from one sonar head. It achieves single-beam image quality with the speed of multibeam. Offering GeoTIFF output, the system can create real-time mosaic using third-party software, compliant to IHO Special Order & 1A. With Linear FM, CW and Doppler pulses, the benefits of this sonar include a high update rate, significant time savings, uniform large coverage area, MultiMode capability, low power consumption and user-friendly operation.

Flexible Configuration and Outputs

The M3 Sonar has the ability to configure applications using complex pulses like interleaving active pings and passive listening modes, Doppler, and multiple true-zoom windows with linear FM and CW imaging modes of operation. Data outputs are compatible with various third party software such as Caris, EIVA, Hypack, and QINSy. In addition, the ability to produce real-time 3D point clouds enables rapid target or object detection, ideal for shallow water surveys on USV/ASV/ROV and dual head deployment.

M3 Sonar package

The system is made up of three main components: Sonar head, operations cable and power supply, and a computer.

Key features

  • Up to 500m and up to 4000m water depth
  • Portable, cost effective and light weight sonar
  • Generates imaging and bathymetric datasets from one sonar head
  • Produces single-beam image quality with the speed of multibeam
  • Provides GeoTIFF output and creates real-time mosaic using third party software
  • Compliant to IHO Special Order & 1A
  • Uses Linear FM, CW and Doppler pulses
  • High update rate
  • Significant time savings during operations
  • Uniform large coverage area
  • MultiMode capability
  • Low power consumption
  • User friendly

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