The ACS500 system is the new generation of the Kongsberg Martime Acoustic Control System. It is developed to increase the operational depths and is rated to 4000 metres. The ACS500 system is divided into two units: Surface system (portable) and Subsea system. The ACS may also be operated from the HiPAP system.

Advanced Surface and Subsea Units

The surface system includes an Acoustic Command Unit with a charger cable, a splash-proof portable case, and operational interfaces via computer (touch screen/trackball). It has an internal rechargeable battery providing over 10 hours of operation. Paired with this is the Dunking Transducer Unit, portable and designed for varying water depths, delivering operational excellence. The subsea system, now with interseal test ports, consists of sophisticated subsea control and communication units, facilitating reliable underwater operations. These advanced units interface with valve packages via multiple cable configurations for seamless operation.

Comprehensive Applications and Portable Solutions

The ACS500 is adaptable for a variety of applications including the Emergency BOP backup control system, Pipeline Valve Control, Workover system, Offshore loading, and other subsea control systems. Acknowledging the demands of on-board safety equipment, the portable and compact design of the surface system´s Acoustic Command Unit caters to dynamic marine environments, offering splash-proof robustness and dependable communication between the deck and subsea units.

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