Trawling applications

Simrad SN90 can be configured as a forward looking multibeam sonar for trawlers.

The unique flexibility the Simrad SN90 sonar provides allows you to use it at almost any fishery, depending on how the transducer is installed.

If you install the transducer under the bow looking forward, the SN90 can be used as a trawling sonar. The transducer can be fixed to the hull or bulb like a regular echo sounder transducer. If you need protection against ice or obstacles in the sea, you can use a hull unit. With a hull unit, you can retract the transducer when the SN90 is not used.

In this configuration, the sonar beams point forward in a wide swath that can be tilted to match your requirements. A complete vertical slice is also available, as well as separate inspection split beams. These can be individually trained and tilted to fit your needs. Stack the inspection beams on top of each other, or spread them out to investigate echoes on either side of the vessel. Bottom detector and bottom expansion functionalities have been included in the inspection beam presentations, as well as a zoom option. This allows you to detect fish close to the bottom, giving you more time to decide before the fish reaches the trawl.