HT20470 Sonar Processor Unit

A dedicated maritime computer is provided with our sonar systems. We refer to this computer as the Processor Unit.

The Processor Unit is a rugged and powerful computer. It is designed for long life in a demanding maritime environment. The Processor Unit contains the operational software and offers a user interface that allows you to control the sonar system. Furthermore, it offers a number of serial and Ethernet lines for communication with external devices. The Processor Unit is normally mounted on the bridge.


The HT20470 Processor Unit is available in two versions. The DC version operates on +24 VDC while the AC version operates on 100 to 240 VAC. A power supply is required if a DC-powered unit needs to work from an AC supply.

NOTE: The Processor Unit does not contain any fans. It will be very warm, even during normal operation. This is by design. Airflow around the unit will significantly increase the effect of the heat sinks and thereby also the lifetime of the unit. Such an airflow is highly recommended. The computer has been tested and verified with ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. A lower ambient temperature is however positive for its lifetime.

End-user documentation (English)

End-user documentation (French)

Rear panel connections

HT20470 Rear panel connections