Simrad SN90

New and efficient tool for purse seiners and trawlers

Simrad SN90 introduces a new and efficient tool for purse seiners and trawlers. Dubbed 'five echo sounders in one', the SN90 provides unprecedented insights through its five individually controlled inspection beams. An online simulator is also available, allowing users to experience these capabilities firsthand.


  • Subsea
  • Sonar
  • Fish-finding sonar
  • Fish Finding

Innovative Sonar Capabilities for Trawlers

For trawlers, the SN90 features a forward-looking transducer mounted on the bow, shielded from acoustic interference from hull movement, machinery, and propellers. Its high resolution and extensive range help detect individual fish and schools from hundreds of meters away. With a transducer that projects a 120 degree swath, the SN90 offers a powerful tool for long-range fish detection.

Enhancing Purse Seine Operations

Purse seiners benefit greatly from the SN90's side-looking transducer, which enhances seine setting with comprehensive control. It requires no retraction due to the side hull mounting. The transducer beams cover a vast horizontal area of 160 degrees, while the vertical beam width spans 5 to 8 degrees, varying by frequency. This enables purse seiners to maintain a full overview of their operations.

Key features

  • Up to 160 degrees of horizontal coverage
  • Up to 60 degrees vertical coverage
  • Five separate inspection beams
  • 0 to 60 degrees tilt
  • Operational frequency band from 75 to 95 kHz
  • Narrow vertical beam
  • Hyperbolic FM transmissions ("Chirp")
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Large dynamic range
  • High resolution
  • Stabilized beams
  • Easy operation
  • Store and replay raw sonar data
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Cost-efficient solution

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