Purse seine applications

The Simrad SN90 gives you full control before and during the setting of the net.

With the SN90 transducer mounted on the side of the hull facing the purse seine, you can work safely without damaging it with ropes and wires. Since the transducer is flush-mounted, you do not need to retract it for protection.


Many individual beams provide you with a wide coverage area, and you can tilt the search area all the way down. In addition to this, the individually steerable inspection beams can be used for more detailed inspections. You can observe fish behaviour, target strength and biomass. This allows you to run alongside a school of fish and observe, just as you would with a "horizontal" echo sounder. By analyzing the school without passing over it, fish avoidance is minimized. The additional information provided by the SN90 will further help you to reduce the bycatch, and you can detect unwanted species. To catch the correct school size you can conduct a volume estimation before setting the net.