Simrad SN90 Transducer

The rectangular Simrad SN90 transducer allows the sonar beam to provide a swath coverage of the water volume using electronic tilt. The transducer is rather small. Its face measures 184 x 184 mm, and the total weight (with cables) is approximately 60 kg.

For installation, the transducer is mounted in a metal mounting house and placed inside a blister. From this blister, a watertight metal pipe must be designed to reach well above the water line. The transducer cables penetrate through the rear side of the mounting house and must be pulled through this pipe.

Simrad SN90

Simrad SN90 transducer installed for trawl operations.

For trawling operations, you can install the transducer with a hull unit. That allows you to retract the transducer for protection when the SN90 is not in use.