µPAP 201-C

Compact acoustic positioning system

The µPAP 201-C is a system designed for tracking ROV’s, tow fish, divers, and other subsea objects. The unit includes all parts needed for a full system in a compact transducer housing, making it well-suited for USV installation.

General features

The µPAP is an integrated SSBL acoustic positioning solution, complete with a motion sensor and processing unit integrated into one subsea housing. It is remotely controlled via Ethernet access, allowing the user to select transponders or send data for acoustic modem transfer to a modem on a subsea vehicle. The system also supports remote operation using APOS, the standard operator station software for HiPAP and µPAP systems.

Operational Versatility

APOS, the operator station for μPAP, provides the full range of functions for acoustic positioning and data communication. μPAP benefits from the Cymbal acoustic protocol and all functions that are available for the HiPAP products are also available for μPAP. μPAP has full LBL calibration and positioning capabilities and can be used for position box in, calibration and positioning. The system is offering the user a wide range of transponder channels and cNODE transponder models for depths down to 4000 metres.

Seamless Integration and Control

µPAP has built in motion sensors for compensating the position for vessels roll and pitch movements. These models have no need for calibration of roll and pitch alignments but need to calibrate for alignment on USV to the vessels’ gyro compass. The system can be interfaced to the vessel heading sensor and GNSS system. Data output to users are available in established formats. The system can also be remotely operated by use of APOS over remote connection. APOS is the standard operator station software for HiPAP and µPAP systems.

Key features

  • 560 Cymbal Wideband channels
  • Modem capability
  • SSBL and LBL positioning
  • Fast Track mode
  • Responder mode
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Easy setup
  • Electronic beam control
  • Compatible to cNODE
  • Controlled over Ethernet
  • Towed Fish Positioning
  • Diver and ROV positioning
  • AUV guidance and position updates
  • AUV Docking on USV
  • Ocean observatory or seabed sensor data recovery via cNODE Modem
  • Acoustic modem capability for AUV’s

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