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At KONGSBERG we offer an inspiring, safe work-environment and the possibility to work with sustainable and exciting solutions for the future with world-class colleagues.

Working at KONGSBERG means working internationally. KONGSBERG has around 11,000 employees in more than 40 countries. That means that as an employee you get to cooperate with colleagues from different cultures and experience the world through your job.

One of the unique things about KONGSBERG is that the same engineers often follow projects from the drawing board through to the final tests. This enables our employees to leverage a wide spectrum of knowledge and technologies in their work for KONGSBERG.

At KONGSBERG our employees get to participate in real-world projects resulting in true innovation. They work with sustainable solutions and technologies for the future in a company with world-class colleagues.

KONGSBERG operates on a long-term and systematic basis in order to create a good and secure working environment for our employees. Being part of a safe and professional workplace is greatly appreciated in business-life and helps to generate added value. At KONGSBERG we are proud to have a working environment that scores high when measured against the working environments of some of the best technology companies worldwide.



As an employee of KONGSBERG, you get the opportunity to buy company shares with favorable terms. We believe that employees benefit from being owners of the company they are a part of.


We facilitate continuous development through courses and development measures that are tailored to your needs and your role in the company. We are committed to your professional development. Therefore, we offer a range of in-house professional training programs and development opportunities.


We offer activities both at and outside of work, including running groups, football, handball, and trail cycling. Trips and dinners are arranged through the welfare scheme throughout the year. In addition, employees have access to various cabins on the mountain and training facilities.


We have good insurance schemes for you and your family. In addition, KONGSBERG employees have a solid pension scheme.


We are an international technology company located in 40 countries worldwide. As an employee in our company, you can gain international experience and networks across national borders. Employees can work in another country for a desired period or work on international projects from a location in Norway.