Life extension or decommissioning

The same advanced KONGSBERG hydroacoustic solutions that allow for the safe and efficient design and installation of a wind farm also help to secure its end of life operations.

We can deliver the data that decommissioning engineers need to optimise and streamline their tasks.

Our state-of-the-art positioning systems and integrated operational and digital technologies for heavy lift and support vessels reduce the risk of accidents and allow for safer, better working environment.

Wind turbine installation vessel

Our Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) is the most efficient and cost-effective solution of its kind. We secure operational stability and speed, while staying focused on safety, even in challenging offshore operations. Our vessel solutions reduce CAPEX and OPEX while lowering the environmental footprint. 

Cable-laying and cable survey vessels

Our cable-laying and cable survey vessels offer efficient and cost-effective solutions that reduce environmental footprint. We improve safety and efficiency during cable-laying operations due to a unique integration between systems during operation.

Heavy Lift Construction Vessel

A Heavy lift Construction Vessel performs the initial construction of a wind farm, mounting the monopiles to the bottom and securing the foundation. Our advanced pile gripper guidance system (PGGS) reduces operational time and risk while raising efficiency offshore by executing the complete operation in fully DP mode without anchoring.