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DP Shuttle Tanker Course B - NI approved

The main objective of this course is to achieve optimal understanding and skills by the individual Master and DPO in DP mode and DP manual mode as well as in traditional manual modes where appropriate, which will further optimize the safety of the tanker's maneuvring and loading operations.


The target group for the course is offshore personnel aiming at working as Dynamic Positioning Officers on-board offshore loading vessels.


The trainee DPO has to be completed successfully until Phase 4 (24 days sea-time + 2 offshore loading operation) of Shuttle Tanker Training Scheme from Nautical Institute.

Note: definition of Shuttle Tanker days: Shuttle Tanker sea service days are not the same as those in the offshore scheme. Shuttle Tanker sea time days are considered the days from embarking to disembarking the DP shuttle tanker. However, the times recorded for the offshore loading operations should be done while the vessel is operating in DP mode.


DP Shuttle Tanker Course B

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