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DNV DPO Specialization Shuttle Tank

This course aim to provide Navigators on Shuttle Tankers knowledge and skills to be a certified DPO in offshore Loading Operations.

 By the end of the course the students should have:

  • Acquired a thorough knowledge of the various type of Offloading Operations, i.e. OLS (Offshore Loading system), SAL (Single Anchor Loading), Tandem loading from FPSO’s and FSU’s and DSL (Direct Shuttle Loading)
  • The capability to operate the DP System in various modes associated with offshore loading operations; i.e. Joystick, Auto Pos, Approach, Weather Wane
  • The ability to carry out any Offshore Loading Operation according to field procedures, guidelines and to best practice.
  • The ability to react correctly to any unforeseen DP incident in order to avoid a disaster

Masters and Mates working onboard shuttle tankers worldwide, who is seeking DNV/SMSC DPO certification

The students should have completed the initial DP Training:

  • DP Induction & DP Simulator, or
  • DPO Preparation and DPO Start

The participants need to have completed the Offshore Loading Phase 2 Course. Also a minimum of 270 hours DP experience or 6 full operations. This can be reduced to 3 full operations if a DPO Experience course (5 days) has been completed


DPO Specialization Shuttle Tank


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Scheduled Courses

Courses with future dates

  • Date Duration Subject Location Price
  • 3 days DNV DPO Specialization Shuttle Tank Trondheim Grilstad NOK 38000.00 Book
  • 3 days DNV DPO Specialization Shuttle Tank Trondheim Grilstad NOK 38000.00 Book

E-Learning courses

No e-learning courses are currently scheduled.