Sub-bottom profiling with EM304/-124

EM®SBP gives you as a user of EM® 304 or EM® 124 multibeam echo sounders the unique opportunity to add sub-bottom data to your survey, without needing to buy or install sub-bottom specific transducers or electronics.

Software system

EM SBP is a software system that offers sub-bottom profiling capability with the Kongsberg deep water multibeam echo sounder systems EM 124 and EM 304. No hardware beyond a separate PC is required

EM SBP “borrows” the EM multibeam hardware for TX/RX of the sub-bottom signals. The EM®SBP software can instruct the EM 124/304 multibeam echo sounder system to make sub-bottom signal instead of the multibeam fan of signals at a given interval. The sequence of sub-bottom versus multibeam signals, or pings, is user selectable.

The sub-bottom signals can be in the native primary frequency range, or they can be parametric signals generated within the available multibeam bandwidth.

The EM®SBP software configures the sub-bottom transmit and receive parameters, processes the data, creates sub-bottom images, and logs the sub-bottom data to file.


The performance is given by the multibeam system in use, the available frequency range, the source level and the beam width

EM SBP can be used with the EM 304 mk1 and mk2 systems, and it can be used with the EM 124 system.

Key features

  • Full sub-bottom functionality with your EM® 304 MKII or EM® 124 hardware
  • Sub-bottom or multibeam pinging at user selectable sequence
  • Simultaneous sub-bottom imaging from primary and parametric signals
  • Performance given by the EM® 304/124 configuration
  • Attitude compensation
  • Automated transmit and receive settings
  • Data storage and export to SEGY
  • Replay

Data sheet

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