HiPAP 102P

Portable Acoustic Positioning system for Ultra-Deep water Operations

The HiPAP 102P with full ocean depth positioning and modem capability is designed for tracking ROV’s, tow fish and other subsea targets. HiPAP 102P is a portable acoustic positioning system designed for operation from a surface vessel to track ROV’s, tow fish and any other subsea targets at several thousand meters range in ultra deep water.


  • Subsea
  • Surface
  • Offshore
  • Hydroacoustics (HIPAP)
  • Transponder
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Acoustic telemetry
  • Hydroacoustic positioning

Portable and Versatile Positioning System

HiPAP 102P is designed to be a portable system for easy installation on surface vessels without the need for a through hull deployment unit. APOS, the operator station for HiPAP, provides the full range of functions for acoustic positioning and data communication. The Cymbal digital acoustic protocol provides accurate position and robust telemetry. HiPAP 102P has full LBL calibration and positioning capabilities and can be used for position box in, calibration and positioning.

Seamless Integration and Calibration Efficiency

HiPAP 102P has built in motion sensors for compensating the position for vessels roll and pitch movements. These models have no need for calibration of roll and pitch alignments and only need to calibrate for heading alignment W.R.T. to the vessels’ gyro compass. The system can be interfaced to the vessel heading sensor and GNSS system. Data output to users are available in established formats. The calibration free HiPAP 102P-MGC contains attitude and heading sensor. This model has no need for calibration to determine roll, pitch and heading alignments.

Diverse Model Options to Suit Various Needs

To meet various demands in the market, HiPAP 102P transducer is available in several models with respect to motion sensors: HiPAP 102P-MGC Motion Gyro Compass and HiPAP 102P-5 MRU 5 Motion Sensor. The system is offering the user a wide range of transponder channels and cNODE transponder models for depths down to 7000 meters and beyond.

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