Parametric sub-bottom profiler

Kongsberg TOPAS PS120 is designed for very high-resolution sub-bottom profiling in water depths from less than 2 meters up to 500 meters. The TOPAS PS 120 transmits high power signals in the frequency range from 70 to 100 kHz using a small and light-weight transducer array of only 32x42 cm and 13 kg. Utilizing the parametric principle, the system generates low sub-bottom frequencies @2-30 kHz with very narrow beams, no side lobes and wide band width, providing clear and crisp imaging.

Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiling Capabilities

Implementing the parametric principle within its operations, the TOPAS PS120 generates low sub-bottom frequencies from 2 to 30 kHz, with its directed, narrow beam technology providing clarity and crisp imaging—resulting in a secondary signal source level of over 202 dB at 12 kHz. The transducer array's beam width offers precise angles at ±(1.5°x2°), and with a maximum primary source level exceeding 238 dB, the device ensures substantial reach and detection capabilities even in challenging environments. The transducer is versatile and may be hull mounted or positioned temporarily utilizing alternative methods.

Advanced System Utilization and Performance

The TOPAS PS120's system is composed of essential parts that include a transducer array with an attached cable, a transceiver unit cabinet (TRU) that controls the various operational aspects from signature transmission to stabilization, and an operator station equipped with the TOPAS MMI software for data management. The operator station, a robust and high-performance platform, is responsible for data visualization, real-time processing, and archiving. It adapts seamlessly to external sensors for compensation of vessel movements such as heave, roll, and pitch. The TOPAS PS120 promises penetration performance that varies with sediment characteristics, but typically delivers a substantial underwater reach with outstanding resolution.

Expertly Designed System Components

The TRU is a testament to portability, with integrated shock and vibration absorbers, connecting to the operator station via Ethernet for data transfer. Weighing 45 kg and measuring 70x53x40 cm, it symbolizes the robustness of the TOPAS PS120 system. The transducer itself is notably compact and light, facilitating easy deployment. Additionally, the high-performance laptop PC-based operator station carries out complex computational tasks to ensure efficient processing and logging of sub-bottom profiling data, thus establishing its role as a sophisticated inclusion in the TOPAS PS120 suite.


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