Maritime Broadband Radio

The Maritime Broadband Radio MBR 189 MK2 is a smart antenna designed for use in any application where resilient high-speed communication and high-capacity data transfer are crucial for efficient and safe operation.

Real-time beamforming

This innovative technology is equipped with real-time beamforming, allowing the MBR 189 to adjust the antenna direction for every IP datagram transmitted within a sector of 100° x 100°. The operational sector can be increased by mounting multiple radios together, enabling up to 360° azimuth coverage. The MBR 189 is ideally suited for both maritime land-to-sea communication and for ground stations managing manned and unmanned aircraft operations.

Key features

  • FCC approved
  • Sector Antenna, 100° coverage in azimuth and elevation
  • High gain steerable in azimuth and elevation
  • Relative and absolute positioning (built-in GNSS)
  • Built-in multi-sectoring functionality for expansion of sector coverage


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