Maritime Broadband Radio

The Maritime Broadband Radio, known as MBR 144, is a smart antenna developed specifically for maritime applications requiring digital high-speed and reliable communication for efficient and safe operations.

Apt for small vessels

Featuring full enclosure with integrated antennas, the MBR 144 is apt for installation on both small manned and unmanned vessels. The unit integrates a bracket for straightforward mounting on vertical or horizontal rails, and employs a built-in GNSS sensor for accurate absolute positioning. The MBR 144's sleek and compact design, coupled with a single-cable connectivity, simplifies deployment on vessels.

Key features

  • FCC approved
  • Omnidirectional
  • Compact MBR version
  • Ingress protected
  • Absolute positioning (built-in GNSS)
  • Suitable for small and unmanned vessels


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