The MBR is a smart antenna designed for use in maritime applications where digital high-speed reliable communication and data transfer are crucial for efficient and safe operations.

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SpecificationMBR 144MBR 179 MK2MBR 189 MK2MBR 144 PersonalMBR 144 SubmersibleMBR 144 UAVMBR 144 OEMMBR 179 MK2 PortableMBR 189 MK2 PortableMBR 144 FCCMBR 144 FCC SubmersibleMBR 144 FCC OEMMBR 179 MK2 FCCMBR 179 MK2 FCC PortableMBR 189 MK2 FCCMBR 189 MK2 FCC Portable

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