MBR 179 MK2 Portable

Maritime Broadband Radio

The MBR 179 MK2 Portable is a kit consisting of a MBR 179 MK2 radio, tripod and cables for quick deployment. The MBR Portable is delivered in two transportation hard cases and is perfect to use both on shore and on vessels which requires quick deployment for temporary operation.


With beamforming, the MBR 179 provides steerable high-gain antenna direction in an omnidirectional sector, ideal for vessels and moving assets. The narrow fan-shaped antenna diagram ensures a strong link margin is maintained and is continuously updated as the unit remains unaffected by vessel movements.

Key features

  • Portable kit
  • Omnidirectional
  • High gain steerable in azimuth
  • Absolute positioning (built-in GNSS)
  • Suitable for quick and temporary deployment


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