Seafloor Information System

Seafloor Information Systems (SIS 5) has been redesigned to bolster user experience and work processes efficiency. The intuitive modern window environment featuring new menus and layouts facilitates an enhanced and efficient operation for users. SIS 5 now boasts superior 3D displays capable of handling all depths, which is especially beneficial when showcasing shallow water multibeams at maximum ping rates. Enhanced by GeoTIFF or S 57 charts and Web Map Services (WMS), the system’s background maps are state-of-the-art.


  • Echo sounder
  • Sonar
  • Multibeam echo sounder software
  • High-resolution sonar
  • Multibeam echo sounder
  • Positioning & attitude
  • Multibeam
  • Oceanography

Efficient Survey Operations with SIS Remote

SIS Remote encapsulates key features like supporting all EM systems and real-time remote control capabilities. Whether it's from an onshore location or the mother ship, one can monitor and control survey operations across multiple vessels via a standard internet connection such as KONGSBERG’s Marine Broadband Radio (MBR). Seamless setup, powerful 3D graphics, simultaneous multi-survey ship displays, and a secure infrastructure regardless of the internet provider enhance the operator's ability to efficiently manage marine survey works.

Optimized Data and Communication Management

SIS Remote is engineered to facilitate remote operations and multi-survey setup with flexibility in data transmission rates to suit various internet connection speeds. Its configuration allows for effective quality control and steering of survey operations via updates of the terrain model- a feature beneficial even with slow satellite connections. Utilizing MBR bestows operators with the advantage of real-time, hands-on control over the surveying process, elevating operational precision and effectiveness.

Advanced Survey Planning and Data Utilization

Incorporating new logging formats and extensive survey planning tools, SIS 5 simplifies post-processing of data. The Helmsman display aids the bridge personnel by presenting survey operations clearly. Developers benefit from a rich set of documentation and examples for .KMall file integration, significantly reducing development time. With an open API, SIS ensures seamless integration of EM-systems into a ship’s infrastructure. Additionally, the SIS has the functionality for users to contribute to global mapping initiatives like Seabed2030.

Key features

  • Supports all EM systems in real-time
  • Provides control, logging and QA-functionality
  • Powerful 3D-graphics and simultaneous multi-survey ship displays
  • Uses S-57 background maps from WMS-server
  • Facilitates remote operations and multisurvey setup

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