Seafloor Information System

Seafloor Information System (SIS 5) has been redesigned to bolster user experience and workflow. The intuitive modern window environment featuring new menus and layouts facilitates an enhanced and efficient operation for users. The 3D display handles all depths, which is especially beneficial when displaying shallow water multibeam data at maximum ping rates. Incorporating new logging formats and extensive survey planning tools, SIS 5 simplifies post-processing of data.

Basic system information

Seafloor Information System (SIS) runs on the Windows 10 64-bit operating system. It is recommended to use SIS on a Kongsberg Discovery Hydrographic Work Station (HWS) to receive full troubleshooting support. This is an IEC 60945 and E10 maritime-certified computer. The software license is provided on a dongle connected to a USB port on the HWS.

Data logging in KMall format

The SIS software logs data in the KMall format and is used by all our EM multibeam systems. This format makes it much easier to post-process the logged data as it contains calculated latitude, longitude, depth, time, and ellipsoidal height. With SIS comes a complete set of documentation in .html format and examples in C++ and Python, which show you how to read the KMall files for software development.


The stand-alone K-Controller (K-Ctrl) application is included with every EM system. It controls the echo sounder transmissions, the configuration, settings, and filters. The K -Controller controls the EM systems while integrated with third-party acquisition software. It is fully integrated directly with SIS for easy access to system settings and configuration.

SIS Full

The standard Seafloor Information System (SIS) offers a one-time cost with continuous updates and bug fixes.


The SIS Log license option is delivered with every system. For those using 3rd party systems, SIS Log is used to log data in 10-minute intervals in our KMALL format for our Customer Support to troubleshoot your EM system.

SIS Basic

The SIS Basic license contains the SIS software package without Geographic Display or gridding. The SIS Basic is a good option if you need integration with third-party software. SIS Basic offers more data monitoring functionality than K-Controller but uses fewer computer resources than SIS Full.

SIS Office

The SIS Office license allows you to use SIS offline in your office without connection to a live system. The SIS Office allows you to pre-configure window preferences, set up and test background files, and create line plans before the survey. Data can be replayed with PU Replay to review the survey data, which helps train new surveyors before going out in the field.

SIS Remote

One SIS Remote license per SIS installation on the vessel is required. No license is required on the remote computer. The SIS Remote license is an "add-on" to a SIS Full or SIS Basic license.

Key features

  • Screen layout with flexible and simultaneous views that you can customize
  • Enhanced functionality for visual and automated data quality control
  • Define all lever-arms and installation angles for all sensors
  • Calibrate the installation for optimal performance
  • Real-time Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Yaw, pitch, and roll stabilization
  • Configure real-time or predicted tide corrections to DTM
  • All depth points are available in full-resolution 3D display in real time
  • Visualize seafloor backscatter
  • Visualize the water column
  • Monitor all sensor inputs in real time
  • Faults or dropouts are immediately reported
  • Single-click planning module
  • Import Geo TIFF backgrounds
  • Display S-57 charts and other backgrounds using Web Map Services (WMS) or Web Map Tile Services (WMTS)
  • Graphical displays for sound speed profiles
  • Create a survey in any projection with EPSG or proj.4 code
  • The helmsman's display can be configured on a second screen or a separate computer close to the helmsman
  • Built-in health tests of the multi beam echosounder
  • Delayed (true) heave logging for post-processing
  • Monitor and control one or more EM­ multi beam echo sounder systems remotely—onshore or from another ship

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