Laser-based relative positioning reference sensor

SpotTrack is a high performance laser-based relative positioning reference sensor developed for use in offshore applications in need of high accuracy range and bearing measurements. The sensor forms an integral part of the dynamic positioning reference system and is designed to offer robust target tracking with true horizontal reference solution.

Robust and Reliable Positioning

The SpotTrack sensor is a robust motion stabilized rotating laser sensor which measures range and bearing to one or several retro-reflective targets installed on the target platform or vessel. Automatic wave motion stabilization ensures optimum target lock, and all the necessary calculations are performed within the sensor itself for a high integrity relative positioning in dynamic positioning operations. This technology secures a reliable locking mechanism on true targets at various heights, providing robust multi-target tracking.

Optimized for Harsh Marine Environments

SpotTrack is properly equipped for close-by operations and optimized for harsh marine environments. The sensor incorporates roll and pitch stabilization that extends its capability to keep track of targets even at high elevation angles, increasing its reliability. This is further enhanced when connected to a Motion Reference Unit (MRU), which improves accuracy and robustness even in extreme weather or dynamic conditions, thereby delivering precise horizontal target distance measurements.

User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance

Designed with a focus on ease of use, the SpotTrack system is user-friendly from setup to operation. Its robust maintenance model encapsulates all moving parts within the sensor housing, significantly reducing mechanical wear even in the toughest weather conditions and leading to lower maintenance costs. The onboard control unit is equipped to handle the application software for efficient configuration and monitoring, adding to the overall user-friendly appeal of the SpotTrack system.

Key features

  • Advanced multi-target tracking
  • Wide vertical field of regard for close-by operations
  • Interfaces to all DP systems
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Roll/pitch stabilization for high dynamic environments
  • True 3D positioning system
  • Vertical field-of-view stabilized for roll and pitch
  • Automatic data recording
  • Optional MRU interface
  • Fanbeam and CyScan replacement kit available

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