XPR 100 EX

Long-range relative positioning

The XPR 100 is a microwave-based solution developed for DP applications in need of long-range relative positioning. With no moving parts and with its compact and lightweight design, installation is simple and quick.

Optimized for Dynamic Positioning

XPR 100 can be deployed as an omni directional system utilising several sensor units, in order to have an operational area of up to 280° dependent on the construction and operation. This provides an extended operational area as well as avoidance of blind angles. Application software makes configuration and monitoring of the XPR 100 operation easy and effective. Interfaces to remote systems like Dynamic Positioning may either be serial lines or Ethernet based. XPR 100 is designed to fill the need specified by IMO for DP Class 2 vessels.

Advanced Targeting and Verification

Targets are stored in the system, and continous monitoring in all directions (area of operation) mitigates false target lock, and secures a very fast target aquisition. Prior to an operation, the XPR 100 performs a check and verification of the system to secure a safe and efficient operation. The XPR 100 features a highly intuitive HMI enabling the operators to assess the quality of their positioning quickly and effectively during operation. For better visibility under different light conditions, the operator can easily select between a set of colour palettes, including a well proven night display.

Certification and Complementary Technology

KONGSBERG offers a range of different positioning solutions for use in DP operations. The XPR 100 is complementary to other solutions technology-wise and incorporates decades of experience and application understanding. XPR 100 EX is suitable to be installed in hazardious locations where there may be an explosive mixture of flammable gases belonging to gas group II B and/or II A. XPR 100 EX can be used in hazardious zone 2. ATEX classification is II 3 G Ex ec II B T4 Gc.

Key features

  • No moving parts
  • No regular maintenance
  • Compact and light weight sensor units
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Support for multi-sensor site for extended operational area (100-280° coverage)
  • Automatic built-in system test – prior to operation
  • Automatic target selection
  • Compatible with Artemis MK4, MK5, MK6
  • Use of existing cable infrastructure possible
  • Operates in all weather conditions


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