RADius 800X

Relative positioning reference system

The RADius 800X transponder is a part of the short-distance relative positioning system RADius, developed for use in applications where the need for a robust and highly accurate relative positioning system is crucial. The system comprises an interrogator, installed on a vessel, operating in the 5.5 GHz band and transponders which are deployed on the target. The RADius 800X has an operating range of up to 1000 metres, and is suitable for fixed installations on typical a platform or an FPSO.

Main Components

The main parts of the RADius 800X transponder equipment are: The transponder consisting of the transponderelectronic unit located behind a plastic cover (cover transparent to radio frequency used - 5.5 to 5.6 GHz), and the connection box with terminals for the DC voltage cable and a DIP switch for setting the Transponder Identification code. The Field Power Unit, with the intrinsically safe DC/DC PSD1004 power supply, located in the proximity of the transponder equipment. The safe area equipment: The Phoenix QUINT AC/DC power supply and the PSD1001C DC/DC barrier and power supply.

ATEX Certification and Unique ID

ATEX certification ATEX category 2 G product, gas group II B, temperature class T4, specified ambient temperature rating -20 °C to +60 °C. Unique ID The transponders are coded with unique IDs ensuring reliable identification and tracking of vessels in demanding environments. Several interrogators can approach the same transponders, ensuring multi-user capabilities. Up to five transponders can be tracked simultaneously by the interrogator.

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