Seismic cable control

The slim and elegant eBird design offers effective lateral steering and depth control of seismic streamers with a minimum of additional acoustic noise. The uniform three wing solution and the built-in controller also provide full roll control capabilities.

Modular Design and SmartWing Concept

The eBird solution is built on an in-line body and three Streamer adaptation detachable wings. The modular design of eBird means easy adaptation to different streamer types by selection of appropriate connectors, configuration of power- and signal lines, and calibration of control algorithms. The snap-on/snap-off mechanism makes attachment/removal of wings an easy task both during streamer deployment/retrieval and work-boat based maintenance. SmartWing makes it possible to maintain a very slim body to avoid acoustic noise induced by turbulence.

Innovative Technology

eBird is based on several technology innovations like the SmartWing concept, inner and outer control loop, modem for low-noise streamer communication, and two-way wireless transfer of signal and power between wings and body. The technology is protected by several international patents, demonstrating its uniqueness and securing its competitive edge.

Failsafe Operation

eBird is designed to be a part of an outer control loop where all steering and control parameters can be accessed from the seismic vessel. The autonomous inner control loop ensures that eBird will maintain the correct depth and roll angle even if communication through streamer is interrupted. The control system includes several fail safe modes designed to handle situations when, for example, physical damage is preventing full steering capabilities of an eBird. Each wing is equipped with a battery that is continuously maintenance charged during normal operation, which acts as a back-up power source in case of streamer power failure, enabling continued operation for more than one week.

Key features

  • In-line titanium body with 3 detachable wings
  • Lateral force control
  • Low acoustic noise
  • Autonomous depth control
  • Adaptable to different streamer types
  • SmartWing instrumentation
  • Novel modem solution for long range streamer communication
  • Wireless power transfer between wing and body
  • Ruggedized design
  • Battery power back-up
  • Power-save mode
  • Fault tolerant mode
  • Onboard control and monitoring software (eBird Guidance)


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