Seatrack 222

GNSS transponder

The Seatrack 222 represents the state-of-the-art in relative GNSS tracking systems combined with over 20 years of operational experience in extreme maritime environments. Utilizing the latest in GNSS technology, the Seatrack 222 transponder is tailored to applications demanding extremes in reliability and accuracy using both GPS and GLONASS L1&L2 band. Seatrack 222 transmits data through serial interface or UHF-radio.

Advanced GNSS Capabilities

Incorporating cutting-edge GNSS technology, the Seatrack 222 leverages both GPS and GLONASS L1&L2 bands, ensuring unparalleled reliability and precision. Its capability to mitigate multipath effects enhances the accuracy of tracking in various conditions, making it a powerhouse for applications that require pinpoint positional data.

Robust Environmental Performance

Designed to withstand the challenges of the maritime environment, the Seatrack 222 boasts impressive operational and storage temperature ranges. It is constructed to meet the IP 68 standard, capable of remaining submerged under 10 meters of water, clearly demonstrating its robustness in harsh conditions.

Durable Communication and Power Efficiency

Communication is made efficient and reliable with the Seatrack 222's UHF radio, offering a typical range of 15 km line-of-sight, supporting 12.5 kHz channel separation and providing a transmission power of 0.5W. Power requirements are modest, necessitating only 10-36 V DC and averaging a lean 4 W power consumption, ensuring that it conserves energy while maintaining optimal performance.

Key features

  • Latest GNSS technology
  • Tailored for applications demanding reliability and accuracy
  • Transmits data through serial interface or UHF-radio

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