Seatrack 222B

GNSS transponder

The Seatrack 222B represents the state-of-the-art in relative GNSS tracking systems combined with over 20 years of operational experience in extreme maritime environments. Utilizing the latest in GNSS technology, the Seatrack 222B transponder is tailored to applications demanding a high-end solution in reliability and accuracy. Seatrack 222B has an internal battery for operation up to 48 hours while transmitting data over UHF-radio.

Advanced GNSS Capabilities

Employing GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS L1/L2, the Seatrack 222B is equipped to mitigate multipath effects, ensuring enhanced accuracy with less than 10 cm error and a reliable update rate of up to 1 Hz. This precision is the culmination of leveraging advanced GNSS technology, pivotal for high-stakes applications where every centimeter counts.

Robust and Reliable Design

Designed to withstand the challenges of maritime use, the Seatrack 222B ensures operational functionality in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +55°C and is stored safely within -30°C to +60°C. The unit’s resilient enclosure is IP 68 rated, indicating a robust seal against ingress of water and dust, suitable for submersion up to 10 meters.

Efficient and Durable Power Management

The Seatrack 222B is powered by a robust Li-ion battery that can operate the system for up to 72 hours on a full charge, with a mean power consumption of only 4 W. The impressive battery life is complemented by a rapid recharging capability, going from 10% to full charge in just 12 hours, ensuring that the Seatrack 222B is ready for prolonged deployments and minimal downtime.

Key features

  • GNSS tracking solution
  • Utilizes latest GNSS technology
  • Tailored to applications demanding reliability and accuracy
  • Internal battery for up to 48 hours operation
  • Transmits data over UHF-radio

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