MGC R3 Compass

Gyro Compass for ships/high-speed crafts

MGC R3 COMPASS is a type approved compass system, suitable for ships and high-speed crafts, which provides high reliability, utilizing Ring Laser Gyros for navigation purposes. It's approved for use with a heading and bearing repeater and boasts high reliability due to the absence of rotational or mechanical wear-out parts.


  • Surface
  • Offshore
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • MGC (Motion Gyro Compass)
  • Sensor fusion
  • Inertial measurement unit
  • Inertial measurement
  • attitude determination

Advanced Applications and Connectivity

The MGC R3 COMPASS system offers versatile application as both an inertial navigation system and a gyro compass, providing position and heading outputs. It can handle linear position and velocity measurements, allowing for multiple data output points on a vessel. Enhanced connectivity is facilitated through both Ethernet interface and serial lines, ensuring easy distribution of data to multiple users onboard. The system's digital I/O protocols include output protocols for commonly used equipment, configurable across serial lines and Ethernet/UDP ports.

Key features

  • 0.01° roll and pitch accuracy
  • 0.04° heading accuracy GNSS aided
  • No rotational or mechanical wear-out parts
  • Outputs on RS-422 and Ethernet
  • High output data rate (200 Hz)
  • Small size, light weight, and low power consumption
  • IMO type approved
  • Each MGC delivered with Calibration Certificate
  • Selectable communication protocols in the configuration software


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