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Seapath 380-R

Position, attitude, time and heading sensor

The Seapath 380-R series offers the ultimate solution for heading, attitude, and positioning for surveyors, utilizing a state-of-the-art dual frequency GNSS receiver, inertial technology, and advanced processing algorithms. Its capability extends to the entire satellite constellation including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS, integrated cohesively with the MGC part functioning as an IMU within Seapath as well as standalone gyrocompass.

Accurate Navigation Solution

The advanced Seapath navigation algorithms integrate RTK GNSS data with the inertial sensor data from the MGC, providing unique advantages over stand-alone RTK systems. Accurate roll, pitch, and heading measurements allow for precise RTK antenna positioning reference points anywhere on the vessel. Subdecimetre position accuracy is attainable through internet download of satellite orbit and clock data, bolstered by post-processing satellite and IMU data.

System Configuration and Interfaces

Comprising a Processing Unit and an HMI unit linked via Ethernet, the two-module solution Seapath 380-R series ensures continuous, reliable operations with all critical computations run independently from the user interface. The operator software on the HMI unit is the cornerstone for performance monitoring, configuration and system troubleshooting, offering a user-friendly vessel motion representation.

Enhanced Product Performance

Seapath 380-R series is innovative with the latest software incorporating Automatic Online Calibration (AOC), improving roll and pitch accuracy and negating the need for IMU recalibration while in motion. The product range demonstrates superior accuracies in roll and pitch, providing an unparalleled solution for hydrographic surveying and dredging applications requiring the most detailed and exact surveying data.

Key features

  • 0.005° to 0.01° heading accuracy depending on MGC
  • 2 cm heave accuracy by use of the PFreeHeave algorithms
  • Meets IHO special order requirements
  • Robust against GNSS dropouts due to the inertial sensor part of the product
  • 555-channel dual frequency GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou receiver
  • All available GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou/QZSS satellites are used in the positioning solution
  • IMO type approved gyrocompass part of the product
  • Fugro XP2/G2/G4/G4+ corrections and RTK supported
  • RTK corrections format RTCM and CMR supported
  • Includes SBAS corrections (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN)
  • All data have the same time stamp and to an accuracy of 0.001 s to the actual measurement time
  • Logging of raw satellite and IMU data possible


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