The Motion Gyro Compass (MGC) is a maintenance-free and IMO type approved gyro compass that can be used as a stand-alone unit or as an IMU in other systems. The MGC integrates KONGSBERG's well proven Motion Reference Unit (MRU) with high-end gyro compass technology, making it a reliable and accurate solution that meets all navigational requirements.

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SpecificationMGC R1 CompassMGC R2MGC R3MGC R4MGC R5
Roll/pitch (unaided)
Heave (period, real-time)
10 cm (18sec)5cm (18sec)5cm (25sec)5cm (25sec)5cm (25sec)
Heading (sec/lat) (GNSS aided)
Free inertial (GNSS aided)
N/A5 nm/h2 nm/h0.4 nm/h0.25 nm/h DRMS

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