Motion Reference Unit (MRU) designed for fish-finding sonars and echo sounders

The MRU S roll, pitch and heave motion sensor is specially designed for fish-finding equipment. It incorporates advanced Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) sensors for both linear acceleration and angular rate, ensuring high reliability with solid-state sensors that have no rotational or mechanical wear-out parts. Designed to perform even in rough weather conditions, MRU S provides vital vessel motion data for an undisturbed display on the Fish-finding equipment.

Enhancing Sonar Efficiency

Typically utilized for real-time compensation of roll, pitch, and heave data in fishery sonars and echosounders, the MRU S significantly improves the quality of underwater acoustic images. The output variables like roll, pitch, and heave, along with linear acceleration and angular rate, contribute to a clear and reliable display irrespective of wave motion induced distortions. The sensor's performance is crucial for operations conducted in challenging sea conditions.

Advanced Connectivity and Output

The MRU S is capable of delivering data through an Ethernet interface and serial lines, providing flexibility for on-board data distribution among multiple users. Customizable output protocols support a variety of sonar equipment and enable simultaneous heave measurements at different points via a single serial line or Ethernet port. This versatility ensures that the MRU S can integrate seamlessly with a diverse array of marine electronic systems.

Key features

  • 0.3° roll and pitch accuracy
  • Outputs real-time roll, pitch and heave measurements
  • Outputs on RS-232, RS-422 and Ethernet
  • High output data rate (200 Hz)
  • Lever arm compensation to two individually configurable monitoring points
  • Small size, light weight and low power consumption
  • Each MRU delivered with Calibration Certificate
  • Selectable communication protocols in the Windows based MRU configuration software
  • Export license not required
  • 2-year warranty

Technical specifications


Roll/pitch Static RMS:
Roll/pitch Dynamic 1-sigma:
Heave Real-time RMS:
15 cm/15 %
Heave Period Real-time:
18 s

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