HUGIN Superior

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

The HUGIN Superior AUV System is the most capable commercially available AUV. It offers the best data quality and coverage coupled with the most accurate navigation and positioning solution there is. Packaged as a complete system, HUGIN Superior carries more sensors than ever before over greater distances enhancing productivity and cost effectiveness. HUGIN Superior is simply the best AUV you can get.

Comprehensive Configuration

The Hugin Superior is the most capable AUV today. As a result the payload sensor suite is fixed. It includes HISAS 1032 dual receiver, EM2040 Mk2, camera, laser profiler, sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer plus sensors for methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and more. Hugin Superior is also equipped with the very latest capabilities including autonomous pipeline tracking, terrain navigation and single beacon underwater transponder protocol navigation. In-mission navigation is enhanced by the introduction of MicroNavigation improving real-time accuracy to better than 0.04% of distance travelled.


Hugin Superior can achieve area coverage rates of ~4.5km2 per hour for seabed imagery and bathymetry. This is further enhanced by longer mission durations and rapid on-deck turn-arounds. Equipped with an unrivalled positioning capability, Hugin Superior can operate fully autonomously releasing the support ship to conduct concurrent activities.

The complete system

With a Hugin Superior, everything required to operate is included. Launch and recovery, operator consoles, battery chargers, post-mission analysis software and more are included in two deck vans certified against DnV standards for safe operation.

Key features

  • Most capable AUV available
  • High resolution data set with next generation SAS and multibeam echosounders
  • Increased area coverage rate with long range sensors
  • Improved navigation with in-mission MicroNavigation providing better than 0.04% distance travelled accuracy
  • 30% greater energy density for improved endurance
  • Greater productivity through wider area coverage, greater effective survey time and faster access to data
  • Superior data coverage
  • Superior position solution
  • Superior endurance
  • Multirole platforn for all applications
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Hydrography
  • Marine Archaeology
  • Environmental, Leak and Seep Detection
  • Defence including REA. MCM and moire


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