Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

The HUGIN Edge is a next generation mid-size Autonomous Underwater Vehicle to join the HUGIN Family. Exceptional reliability, durability and performance has been drawn from the HUGIN, coupling ease of operations from uncrewed surface vessels to the most advanced AUV features on the market. Capabilities include truly autonomous missions making the system an optimal choice in applications from commercial survey to advanced defence operations.

Unique in Design

The smallest most lightweight member of the HUGIN family, a fresh low drag body at four metres in length using a wet flooded carbon monocoque design, unique in its class. It allows low logistics without compromise on sensor performance. The vehicle combines the latest advances in autonomy and operability with the exceptional navigation performance for which the HUGIN family is renowned. HUGIN Edge collects high resolution data without the need for in-mission supervision. No other vehicle provides this performance in this form factor.

Autonomous by Design

The HUGIN Edge solution is autonomous by design. That means that all parts of the system have been designed with full autonomy and remote operations in mind, all the way from autonomous launch and recovery, through to uncrewed charging and data offloading. Equally at home working from shore or over the horizon the HUGIN EDGE is always flexible and can be delivered with USV or uncrewed launch and recovery systems maximizing operational cycles. The goal-based mission planning employs Artificial Intelligence where missions are organized based on objectives rather than long lists of waypoints. EDGE takes full advantage of all any priori knowledge to plan and then using integrated on-board sensors adapts in mission to the most optimal solution removing human dependency.

Payloads for All Scenarios

HUGIN Edge is equipped with side-scan sonar or next generation synthetic aperture sonar (upgradeable) for ultra high-resolution imagery and bathymetry. This combination provides the highest area coverage and performance from any AUV in this class. With an ultra high-frequency multi-beam echo sounder providing clean, interference free, wide-swath bathymetry along with a magnetometer for precise magnetic mapping. A flexible Payload Bay enables interchangeable options on low-light colour camera solutions (including strobe light) or sub-bottom profilers allowing tracking and classification, or geological work.

Key features

  • Fully automated launch and recovery including provision for emergency recovery
  • Goal-based mission planning
  • Real-time adaptive mission replanning
  • Terrain navigation
  • Pipe and cable detection and tracking
  • Target recognition software
  • In-missiontarget reacquisitionand classification
  • Full post-mission analysis and inertial reprocessing
  • Automated charging for uncrewed operations
  • Mobile Mission System for low logistics, low infrastructure topside
  • Fully encrypted security options


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