HUGIN Endurance

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

HUGIN Endurance is the newest member of the HUGIN AUV family and enables unsupervised shore-to-shore operations over long ranges. HUGIN Endurance can be configured with a range of sensors focused on mission capabilities and situational awareness. This includes the proven hydro-acoustic instruments for mapping and inspection purposes, such as the KONGSBERG HISAS family of synthetic aperture sonars and the EM family of multibeams. Both underwater and surface awareness sensors are used for autonomous decision making.

Enhanced Operational Capabilities

HUGIN Endurance collects consistent, high-resolution data without the need for in-mission supervision using KONGSBERG’s advanced underwater navigation system Sunstone. This advanced level of autonomy and accuracy reduces the carbon footprint of survey operations by eliminating the need for a dedicated support vessel. Consequently, it mitigates health and safety concerns by relocating personnel onshore and allows the largest potential weather window for any operation.

Product Evolution

With continuous evolution from 1991, and commercial surveys starting in 1997, HUGIN has seen consistent advancements. KONGSBERG and our partners at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) have significantly contributed to underwater robotic technology. The new HUGIN Endurance capitalizes on 30 years of expertise to offer the most capable commercial solution within the large-diameter AUV segment.

Autonomy and Data Integration

HUGIN Endurance is a truly autonomous system designed to operate for extended periods without human intervention. With state-of-the-art technology such as the latest generation pressure-tolerant Li-Ion batteries, sensor redundancy, in-mission processing, and Sunstone inertial navigation system with HISAS micronavigation, HUGIN Endurance exceeds commercial offerings for high-quality data collection. Equipped to handle unpredictable events, switch to redundant operation modes, and communicate securely with remote operating centers, HUGIN Endurance represents a leap in shore-to-shore operations for commercial surveying.

Key features

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Uninterrupted shore-to-shore operations
  • up to 15 days mission duration
  • Unsupervised geophysical survey
  • 2200 km / 1200 nm mission range
  • 1100 km2 mapped area with combined HISAS and EM bathymetry
  • 6000m depth rating
  • Sunstone INS with optional Micronavigation aiding for world-leading performance
  • L&R from shore or ship of opportunity


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